Some of the more commonly questions asked


Is my wedding date available?

Give Cheshire Wedding DJ a call or drop us a email to check if your date is available.


Do you bring lights and speakers?

Yes I bring all the equipment needed for a great party. I don't charge any extra for bringing more lights.


Do you have different packages?

No I don't believe that people should pay extra for different light shows. You paying for my time and experience. You wouldn't pay a builder more money to bring a cement mixer.


How long have you been in business

For over 10 years I have been rocking dance floors all over the UK


How old will the DJ be

I'm in my early 30's

How many weddings have you done? How many weddings do you do in an average weekend?

I've lost count of the number of events I have performed at over the years. But on a average weekend its 2 events


Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

No I don't its your big day. So all my efforts and thoughts go into your party,

Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

If im available yes I will be your DJ. If I am not available I work with some of the best DJ's in the UK so I can recommend a DJ who I think will be best suited to your event.


Have you done events at my wedding venue?

Check out our list of recent venues to see where we have worked. Don't worry if I have not worked at your venue before. I will go there before hand to check out the venue.

What sets you apart from your competition?

To start off with I'm 6ft 10 so I'm already head and shoulders above the rest. On a more serious note, I put my heart and soul into every event I do. I'm one of the lucky people out there who can say I genuinely love my job. I am extremely proud of the positive customer comments i have received please take a look by clicking here

Are there any other services that you provide, such as Photography or a photo booth candy carts etc?

I'm a great DJ but I'm male, so as my partner will happily say I cant multi task. so I stick with what I'm good at which is being a DJ. I would rather concentrate on keeping your guests dancing than taking photos or serving popcorn or candy,


Can you provide me with recent couples that I can contact for references?

Check out are testimonials page to see what previous clients have said. If you would like to speak with any in person I can provide you with contact details.


How soon before my wedding should I book my DJ?

The best time is as soon as you have confirmed your date. Remember, booking a DJ is like booking a catering hall or photographer. The really good and popular ones are booked early.


Who selects the music for my wedding?

I always ask clients for a list of their favourite songs, bands and genres, and for a list of "must plays" and "do not plays." I base the evening's music around your tastes, and requests from the guests, considering the age range of the guests and other factors which we can discuss in more detail when we meet in person. If you need help picking specific songs, I am more than happy to consult with you. Or you can leave the music to me as that's what I do best.


Can you do the announcements at the wedding?

I am happy to do announcements at the wedding! My style is to do the pre arranged announcements , in a friendly, professional manner, and to get on the mic only when needed. I do not get on the microphone to plug my website, and I will never ever say “shabba” like ray von off phoenix nights.. The day is about you, and your guests, having a good time and celebrating a happy event. My job is to facilitate a smooth reception and to rock a successful party, not to draw attention to myself.


Do you Drink / Smoke whilst working?

No I'm a professional DJ you wouldn't smoke or drink whilst doing any other job so why would I whilst DJ


Are we responsible for providing the DJ with a meal?

No I always eat before I come out to a event. That means I can spend the night keeping all you guests on the dance floor Not standing at the bar and eating the buffet . On all day events we will bring our own food all though it is nice to be offered food.


What do you wear to a wedding?

I generally wear a black or dark Gray suit (with tie) to weddings. Bear in mind that I will not yet be dressed in a suit when loading in the equipment. To load in and setup I will be in company branded clothing.


What time Do you arrive to set up?

I plan to arrive one hour before the start time, in order to be set up and dressed when the event begins.

Please bear in mind that some hotels and venues might require me to arrive even earlier which is not a problem and there is no extra charge for this.